We have a new app!  If you like to doodle, you'll like this new app for iPhone/iPod touch.  You can make animated scribbles (ScribbleToons) and share with your friends!

SORRY no longer In the app store  :(

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why did you write this silly app?
    • People doodle all the time, so why not share them. Besides, it's fun and we like to make fun things. We think ScribbleToons are like super doodles cause they move and that's fun.

  • Why does my iPod touch tell me it can't 'encode video'  and what does that mean anyway?
    • Older iPods and iPhones didn't have a video acceleration chip like the new ones (it's a cool bit of hardware that does cool things)- we're sorry but technology just keeps getting better. If you have an iPhone 4 (or newer) or iPod touch 4th generation, you can make a movie as well as an animated image. For most cases, sharing an animated image will be just fine as it works across a broader range of computers and phones and can often be viewed directly in your friend's email.

  • Why can't I copy a Scribble so I don't have to start from scratch every time?
    • Good idea!!  Sounds like a feature for the next version.

  • Why can't I select part of a Scribble and copy it between each new frame so I don't have to redraw complicated stuff all the time?
    • Good idea.  But consider this, one of the things that is cool about Scribbles is that they move.  We know it's more work but that's why you get that ghosting view in a new frame - so you can retrace your old lines. But be sloppy just a little on purpose, then it moves and is cool looking.   Still, it's a good idea so we'll keep cut/copy and paste on the list for the next version

Here's 2 sample ScribbleToons;  just quick examples (we re-sized them down for use on this page). 

Send us your Scribble and we'll post the cool ones up here.  Thanks!