Flags and Capitals

Flags And Capital Cities is the successor to the popular Flags of the World app. In addition to a few new flags, the capital city is also displayed for the country of the current flag.

Flag Accuracy

Our goal is to provide the flag that is officially recognized by the ruling government of the states and countries we include in Flags and Capitals. In cases where a regions' flag is in dispute, we cross-check with sources like Wikipedia and the United Nations in our attempt to provide accurate information.

Mapping has been expanded to display both the standard map style or you can zoom in and view the satellite image of your favorite country. You can now search for flags by name or wild card search.

Due to Apple's updated privacy policy for iOS, we remind you that Apple may collect unidentifiable information about applications and users. To improve our apps, we also collect 'country of origin' information, ie where is the app most popular. This information does not identify you or the device in any way. We use this information only to determine possible future features or flag data that we should add.

In the Settings app on your device, you can disable this at any time.


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